[kj] Fwd: The Killing Joke **IMPORTANT INFORMATION**

TB planetary at socal.rr.com
Wed May 11 16:10:54 EDT 2011

jon chapman wrote:

Don't be daft,they're far from done.


I think they're done as far as trying to do any sort of extensive touring, especially here in the USA. They've proven they simply
can't competently mount any sort of tour here that's going to be worth their time and effort, much less make any money. I had a lot
of hope after how well the 2008 reunion tour seemed to go off that they finally had some stability in how they can plan and execute.
The tour was well planned out and appropriate venues were booked and played and every show seemed well attended and the band was in
top form to boot.

By contrast, the '09 NA tour had a ton of consecutive day-to-day shows quickly burning them out by the end of the tour booked in a
lot of inappropriate venues. The Wiltern show in LA, a place I'd normally have loved to see them at was barely half full and poorly
publicized even though it had been on sale for almost a year due to the tour being postponed. The couple festival shows they had
booked to support the few secondary market shows they had lined up for this tour were just stupid, low profile events that I was
floored they'd agreed to do. They just can't do that shit tour after tour and expect quality promoters to line up backing yet
another tour.

At best we here in North America can hope they make the occasional Lollapalooza or Coachella festival appearances going forward if
at all.


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