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Are you prepped and ready for the Royal Visit so they can present you at
the local GB consulate as part of the local "up and coming British talent"?
..are you being uselessly hassled by locals about the visit and the Royals  and
th Queen etc.....? Can you tell the Royals (cuz all British expats have a
direct hotline to them, right?) to not mess with the
already-tragic-about-to-be-worse traffic, please? They're arriving on that same
weekend when the evil 405-Fwy. (literally the world's worst) will be closed for
the entire weekend for 10 miles! from Westside to the Valley, diverting about
500thousand cars onto local streets, precipitating the End Of Days a year early.
Also known locally as 'Carmageddon.'   
Thank you,
 ~~ the management

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Including the dodgy Duende recording?

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> I pulled out Chaos for Breakfast for the first time in a while... Actually,

> I have only pulled out disc 5 when I first received it... Any way... Tonight

> I pulled out the "Requiem" Disc, and discovered the "Requiem" malicious

> demo. Gotta say, that's one of my favorite versions, besides the Duende

> version!!


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