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Coool.  Thanks, Stephane.

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Hi all,
Please find below the complete email  I got today from BPF, which sounds (in my opinion) much more optimistic than the previous one
I was writing him that :
" Hi Paul,
 I just wanted you to know that every gatherers I know are very disappointed by the fact you weren't informed of the next UK tour and they all asked me if you were about to record the new album.
I easily understand that the fact you are all away from each other doesn't help to communicate especially with Jaz's new technologies' adoration ;o)))
but beyond this, the wonderful chemistry between all of you when you play together is "simply irreplaceable"
We really hope that you will find a solution ro record and to tour next year
The awaiting of all the gatherers concerning your presence should convince you to do this UK tour."
Dear Stephane,
thanks for your messages. I now understand that the tour was booked ,deliberately,in advance of a new release and will go ahead regardless of whether I participate or not.This is apparently the new strategy for creating interest in the album.As we all know the last was appallingly promoted and despite its critical acclaim has sold poorly.
I personally have every intention of recording the new album and am very excited to do so. I also have every intention of doing the tour(s) next year although I have to re iterate,March is the very worst time for me to leave my business.
I would like to extend my gratitude to you and all the Gatherers for their support. Killing Joke is in my blood . Always has been.
Best wishes.
I thought it might be a good idea to share this email
Stephane " Frenchy Frenzy"
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