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Jane is right, on the last tour i thought...' Lille? why the eff are they playing Lille?????' Turns out Really nice clean place, pleasant people,decent venue and gig. Places they rarely or have never played should be priority.

Wolverhampton should be Birmingham
Norwich should be Nottingham
Oxford should be bulldozed

Interesting points, Jane. You've certainly earned your right to have an opinion on the subject!

I've not been to that many gigs myself but all the KJ ones in London have been brilliant.

There are probably only two people who have been to more KJ gigs than Jon and they are Jaz and Geordie so he's entitled to make a general point about the strange choices of destinations in recent years and I thought it was a valid one, admittedly phrased in his usual direct way!

I've never been to Wolverhampton and don't have an opinion on the place, but I do agree that it is criminal to keep overlooking places like Leeds etc. Hopefully more dates will be added soon. (And hopefully the new album will be ready in time for the tour, etc. etc...)

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For what it’s worth, my penniesworth...

I like bands playing unusual places off the regular circuit, (hence I’m tempted with Scheveningen). The best place to see live music imo is Poland – the music fans really appreciate bands coming to play to them with the resulting tremendous atmosphere...

But if we’re talking UK cities, and specifically Killing Joke. Manchester has consistently been the best gig on all the last few tours it has featured - and I don’t just say that because I’m biased ;-) I’ve always enjoyed their gigs in Wolves as well... and Notts
London gigs don’t rate as the best in my eyes – audiences are far too reserved and hard to please, as they have the privilege of featuring on almost every tour schedule – unfortunately they have usually seen it all before...


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Sorry, wasn't suggesting everyone going to these gigs was an arsehole but rather agreeing with Jon that traditional northern strongholds shouldn't keep being overlooked in favour of smaller southern locations.

London gigs are the best but after that it's the big cities in the north. Geordie said Leeds was one of his favourite places to play and the Newcastle gigs I've been to all had an amazing atmosphere. Whoever has been organising the tours recently doesn't seem to get this.

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