[kj] KJ 7" spare copies

Karen Weil karen.weil at sddt.com
Fri Aug 12 17:50:07 EDT 2011

Excellent collection: I had four of those back in the day. Hope you find
what you are looking for.

The States

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dear gathereres,

I have spare copies of the following 7" (all in good to excelent condition,
as you may see in the pictures attached)

* nervous system
* empire song
* me or you (double 7")
* a new day
* love like blood
* adorations (double 7")
* sanity

I would like to trade this lot of singles for a dvd (or dvds) with killing
joke live concerts, such as

L'Hammersmith Palais 1982
Kitchen Club 89
Cameo Theater 89
Some live dvd from the Democracy era

if someone is interested in trading let me know!

best regards


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