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So, it is absurd to even talk about reasons when discussing unreason.

Riots of this kind are done by mobs. Do not confuse riots with lawful protests.

In 1992, Los Angeles riots started after the trial of police ended in acquittal for beating [not killing] of Rodney King who resisted arrest. After the riots ended, 53 died , thousands injured, billions in property damage. The black gangs pulled "whites" out of their cars and attacked them just for being white.

These people did not care about Rodney King in 1992. I'm certain they did not care about the guy who was confronted by the police in UK. They did not care about justice. These people are simply criminals who look for any reason to destroy all life and property around them. That is all they know.
The participants of this riot were the Lumpenproletariat attacking the working class .
The cause wasnt a protest or political, the casue was to obtain other peoples possessions without paying for them .

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I have a freind who years ago (late 80s) lived in HB, and it looked and seemed like the most non-riot prone, non-Black Flag area of the US.
I kept looking around for a studio w/Flag/Minutemen blaring, or even a punk kid, but saw none. And as for the riots, or course it's bad to
trash people's stuff, but the media seems to know that it's mainly due to the "austerity" measures imposed on the UK, and the even bigger
gap b/w the rich and the rest of us caused by recent attacks on the working class. Stand to reason...

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> bongo wrote:


> > so, who here would have been involved in these riots if it was 20

> > years ago? I dont expect anyone here would mug injured kids, or other

> > cowardly acts, but would anyone own up to torching a police car?


> No, I wouldn't vandalize, rob or be an overall dickhead in a riot situation. I've always had enough respect for other people's

> property even when I was a punk kid still in High School not to go trashing other people's stuff. And I've always had enough pride

> and honor to say everything I have, I earned. I didn't steal it.


> And I have been in a few pretty major riot situations. Back in late Summer of '86, I was at a pretty major riot in Huntington

> Beach, CA on Labor day weekend, a big riot in Palm Springs around the same year, etc. I never had the urge to participate and once

> cops started swooping in on people in full riot mode, I got the fuck out. At the HB riot, one cop actually caught me off-guard and

> smacked the fuck outta me with a billy club.


> T.B.


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