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Mon Aug 8 17:54:16 EDT 2011

It's safe to say these incidents weren't caused by the police, the Tories or unemployment.
I doubt if 1 in 20 of these thugs could describe to you the incident that supposedly 'kicked off' these riots. I doubt many of them have political opinions or even bother to vote, and it's just a wild guess, but somehow I suspect these of them that are unemployed are quite happy that way.
These riots were started off by a bunch of thugs hijacking a legitimate protest. Then they decided they would steal a few TVs, beat up a few innocent people and burn some houses down- safe in the knowledge that the police are overstretched and you're unlikely to ever be convicted.
No-one in Tottenham (or the dozen other places where trouble has broken out) ripped the metal shutters off an electrical goods store and stole a couple of massive TVs because they were unhappy about the policing in their area. They're just thugs.

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 People told me that Tottenham had been waiting to explode on account of the Police's attitude for a long time, unemployment, Tories etc.
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