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I've already reported you. The fact that you have anarchic neighbours just makes you even more guilty.

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I have my doubts about my neighbours, they sometimes put their washing out when rain has been forecast . . . they MUST be anarchists!

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The only logical response to this is for everyone to start reporting everyone else.

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Sounds like a recipe for anarchy.

Anyone see that interview with an elderly German woman who had signed off on a renounciation on her neighbour, a fellow teenage German woman, back in the 'old days'? (Looks dodgy, anti-German, does not love Adolf, etc). I did. This action led to her being taken away and dying in a concentration camp. When confronted with proof of her actions over 60/70 years back, the woman repeatedly laughed and said 'oh, it was a long time ago...haha...such a long time ago...I dont remember...haha'.

It is that easy folks. Lets all report Linkin Park's members for anarchic behaviour? How about Westmister council for inciting the disintergration of its local community culture through inciting mass-grassing they neighbour up? Perhaps they have an anarchic pet that poo's on the pavement, or anarchic children???

Or a black hooded top? Aha...

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> "What should you do if you discover an anarchist living next door? Dust off your old Sex Pistols albums and hang out a black and red

> flag to make them feel at home? Invite them round to debate the merits of Peter Kropotkin's anarchist communism versus the

> individualist anarchism of Emile Armand? No - the answer, according to an official counter-terrorism notice circulated in London

> last week, is that you must report them to police immediately."


> http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/jul/31/westminster-police-anarchist-whistleblower-advice


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