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Well done! Look forward to hopefully meeting up with you Friday.

Unfortunately, the bill passed this morning. Now it's a matter of studying the amendments to see just how much protection we were able to get. But, if SWAT teams are already raiding grocers selling raw milk with their guns drawn, I'm not too optimistic.


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yeah thanks-

I did a story on the food bill 8-9 months ago after a day when we
were in the senate speaking to senators and aides about it.

actually spent a good bit of the day yesterday putting the story back
out and urging people to call in- the vote got delayed due to an
outpour of calls-
between this and a few other bills were on our way to eating soylent
green if we arent careful.


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That is very cool news, congrats!

Senate bill #510 may very well pass here in the States on Tuesday,
with an amendment that prevented it forcing harmonization with the
elements of Codex in place in Europe. The provisions that put
small farms out of business and make it illegal to save non-hybrid seeds
seem to still be in

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