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That is very cool news, congrats!

Related: Senate bill #510 may very well pass here in the States on Tuesday, with an amendment that prevented it forcing harmonization with the elements of Codex in place in Europe. The provisions that put small farms out of business and make it illegal to save non-hybrid seeds seem to still be in place.

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hey gang- im back after a long while of just being on digest and not
posting. Well not that I ever posted much anyway-
Ill be at the NYC show- I now have a column with this new
Washington Times online (health, mind/body/spirit sort of stuff) -

I'll be doing an interview with Jaz before the show- will have him
speaking out about Monsanto, Codex etc- be it that's what he likes to do.

We'll i've been meaning to a story on it all, so we'll see how it
goes with this angle. Ill be doing the same with John Joseph/cro mags and
he actually wants to the show so I'll be meeting him there.

I have a photo pass that I don't think we'll be using. Im not
sure if it will be tied into my passes--if its not then if anyone
will have a camera and wants it then its all good- Just let me
know - will play it by ear that night.


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Alex, Yaz? Who else? Where? Same bar as
last time? Name escapes me but I know it's around the corner. Dank
and old.


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