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what nonsense.......


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Except, unlike Radiohead, Muse can write half-decent songs and their albums aren't self-indulgent wank.


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Radiohead Lite.

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First album hated it so much took it back.

Second one was outstandin if you like Muse. Matt Bellamy's vocals are not to everyones taste. I got first album again-there's 4 good tracks on this & 7 on Origin Of Symmetrythe subsequent albums have been total shit & now they've totally gone up that midget BONO'S arsehole & played a u2 trac=teignmouthtwats. If you can bear listening to them after this rant Citizen Erazed is worth visiting. Saw them live at the Newport centre in 2000 when they still played good music live.MUSE R.I.P.

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