[kj] In Excelsis downloadable from iTunes Canada

Rob Moss rob.moss at gmx.com
Mon Jun 21 10:40:05 EDT 2010

Well, I bought the download today.
Not sure when the vinyl package will come.

Haven't listened to it all yet.

But no digital booklet as promised and certainly no film.

What have Killing Joke and the English football team got in common?

They both promise a ridiculous amount which they seldom seem to deliver.......................

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Somehow I was able to download the whole ep this morning - a day early. Can't say I've been downloading too much from iTunes, so don't know if this is unusual, but after a few listens I'm pretty happy with the ep. September doesn't seem so far away.

But no sign of the bonus Youth protest video with the unreleased soundtrack - hopefully you uk gatherers will be able to give us some info on that.


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