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It's not entirely the scientists' fault, this situation stems in part from
the patent and copyright laws, which are proving an unsatisfactory tool with
which to try and shoehorn certain kinds of technical & scientific research.
Similar to how the privacy laws are having issues with the tech giants'
access to customer information, and their own copyright issues with the ease
of digital replication and transmission.

The specific problem for scientists is that there's not enough govt funding
for all the research they want to do, so much of it is done by private
corporations and the like (inc commercial offshoots of educational
institutes). There is a disincentive to conduct expensive research to
isolate & study the effects of genes, if that information is freely &
instantly available to competitors. In which case it would often put the
company that did the research into the worst position in the market -
everyone gets the fruits of their research and they bear the cost. The first
to market advantage with products from genetic research isn't significant,
when there are that many labs around the world capable of using the research
to bring products / services to the market quickly.

The question in some cases is - are you patenting the genes themselves (in
some cases they are, which I agree is stupid), or the methods used to
extract the genes.

It's an area that needs a lot of tidying up, but from what I gather it stems
from the uneasy collaboration of scientists and corporate, and the existing
laws around patent which weren't designed to cover genetics.

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Forgive my conspiracy theory hair-trigger, but any time I see a story that
involves genetic engineering I'll take the scientist's name and google it
with the word eugenics, often to interesting results.

I found this about Craig Venter on a site called oldthinkernews.com (and it
does include links to back its claims).

And to come full circle with Sade's comments at the start of this thread,
the world IS being run by sociopaths, and like all ruling sociopaths since
the beginning of history they want to be God, and what better place for a
budding all-knowing being than to be manipulating the very structure of
humanity . . . (you can use my google trick with any name or institution
mentioned in this article for extra credit)

Craig Venter caused many to question his ethics when he moved to found
Celera Genomics in 1998, carrying the study of the human genome into the
private sector, using the "shotgun strategy" to sequence the human genome at
a faster clip than the public project.
In <http://www.celera.com/celera/pr_1056656422> a press release dated March
1, 2001, Celera Genomics announced that it signed a "multi-year agreement"
with AMDeC LLC to "allow member institutions to access Celera's database
information [Human Genome data] through its Celera Discovery System." Some
of those member institutions included Rockefeller University, and Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory. Interestingly, Rockefeller University was founded
by John D. Rockefeller in 1901 with a dedication to biomedical research.
Today, David Rockefeller, grandson to John D. Rockefeller Jr., is the
Chairman of the Rockefeller University Council.
Venter further maddened fellow scientists when he moved to patent
<http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/487773.stm> human genes. Serious
ethical discussions took place after the first attempts to patent human
genes, but ultimately the decision stood to allow patenting. The United
States Patent and Trademark Office issued guidelines on patenting. The
American Medical Association describes the
<http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/3607.html> guidelines,

"The rules are intended to help end a bitter debate on gene patenting. These
regulations have put to rest any question about whether genes can be
patented at all -- making it clear that companies may indeed patent both
whole genes as well as pieces of genes..."

The guidelines allow patenting when the those applying for a patent on a
gene show a "utility" for the gene. The AMA goes on to state that arguments
were heard opposing the decision based on the fact that these genes were not
created by anyone, and thus could not be patented. The AMA describes how the
Patent office rejected these ideas,

"The PTO firmly rejected this notion based upon the fact that a gene may be
removed from a person, then a clone of that gene may be made in a machine,
which is then not a part of nature, but a product of the lab."

A <http://www.freepatentsonline.com/result.html?query_txt=human%20genes>
search in the online patent database for "human genes" yields an astonishing
159021 results as of August 2007.


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First synthetic cell created, not from scratch but using a host cell and
swapping the DNA with a DNA sequence made in the lab. Craig Venter is the
guy behind it, same guy responsible for heading the team which sequenced the
human genome about 10 years ago. He wants to create organisms which will
produce energy, food, soak up carbon...


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I hear tell, that the powers that be want to use this as an excuse to pass a
bill or something to allow them to create artificial life to help them solve
this problem... they could mop it all up with hay/grass clippings, but they
would rather engineer something in the lab... anyone hear anything

"due to a lack of trained trumpeters, the end of the world has been
postponed indefinitely..."

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[cue intro to Butcher]

Eerily, similar...

Image removed by sender.




Image removed by sender.








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Heartbreaking. Makes me sick.



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No, these are not sepia-toned, nostalgic pictures of pristine wildlife and
wetlands from before the time of Man, no..

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Image removed by sender.


Is it just me or doesn't really seem that they are killing Life itself, as I
watch on the tv news as the little creatures stagger along the bottom of the
tidepools and just stop, for good.

(I was more than happy to endure when BP merely meant "BritPop)

Curious question here: isn't the silence of the other Oil Companies
deafening, as I've heard NONE of them offering any help, technology, or
other assistance throughout this whole fiasco??

"The waste expands, as
their waists expand..."

In the last 3 years or so hasn't it become clear as a 1,000 suns now to all
others beyond the proverbial Conspiracy-Theory "Cabal" that Big Bizness is
nothing more and nothing less than a bona fide, unabashed, blatant and
flagrante (no, really) combined sociopathic&"terra"-pathic effort?..

"The liars are out -
they have all the assets"

..Than the exercising of a sociopathic ideal? And fed by so many who
actively or vicariously/passive-aggressively urge it on, all for what, a
paycheck, a secure "future"?

"Privatise the people's

Be part of
the company - or fade"

vid, (59 secs.)


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