[kj] OT - Gogos singer bio (don't laugh)

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Let us know how the Buzzcocks goes. I missed them due to fever/virus--boo hoo!

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I read that. Ah, the perils of rock and roll. ; )
In the meantime, I'm going to see the Buzzcocks.



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Not sure anyone (besides her fans) could've
guessed any of the following wtf?!-worthy events:

".. Belinda Carlisle grew up...with a stepdad who drank..and a mother on lithium. She and her many siblings ate "oatmeal and Bac-O-Bit sandwiches for dinner."
"...kids called her "Belimpa" and mocked her for having only one outfit. She dreamed of being Marcia Brady but obsessed over Charles Manson. "
Just how messy did things get? John Belushi harangued her about the perils of drugs and fame. Maurice Gibb pulled her aside at the Grammys and told her to wipe her nose. Rod Stewart reprimanded her for keeping him up all night.

Shi'zus, when John or Mauri' or Rod are telling you! to get a fuckin' grip, you know things have gone very wrong for you.

artticle: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-book-20100603,0,5939629.story

Ooh, Heaven is a place where a ball of fire and a Star fell from, burning.

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[looking at the current state of things..]

'Who has the fun..
..is it always a man with a gun...?
Someone must have told him if you work too hard... you can sweat"

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