[kj] OT - Gogos singer bio (don't laugh)

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Sat Jun 5 22:45:00 EDT 2010

Not as OT as you might think -- Raven infamously played bass for
Belinda at one dubious point, legend has it.

Alex in NYC

On Jun 5, 2010, at 9:52 PM, sade1 wrote:

> Not sure anyone (besides her fans) could've

> guessed any of the following wtf?!-worthy events:


> ".. Belinda Carlisle grew up...with a stepdad who drank..and a

> mother on lithium. She and her many siblings ate "oatmeal and Bac-O-

> Bit sandwiches for dinner."

> "...kids called her "Belimpa" and mocked her for having only one

> outfit. She dreamed of being Marcia Brady but obsessed over Charles

> Manson. "

> Just how messy did things get? John Belushi harangued her about the

> perils of drugs and fame. Maurice Gibb pulled her aside at the

> Grammys and told her to wipe her nose. Rod Stewart reprimanded her

> for keeping him up all night.


> Shi'zus, when John or Mauri' or Rod are telling you! to get a

> fuckin' grip, you know things have gone very wrong for you.


> artticle: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-book-20100603,0,5939629.story


> Ooh, Heaven is a place where a ball of fire and a Star fell from,

> burning.







> ... ... ... ... ... ...


> [looking at the current state of things..]


> 'Who has the fun..

> ..is it always a man with a gun...?

> Someone must have told him if you work too hard... you can sweat"


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