[kj] FW: Help me win a place in Tri-City-Athlon - PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!

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Second that.

You must be bonkers. A triathlon for me is going upstairs, forgetting
something, and coming back down again.


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Good luck, Iron Woman! :)


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Fellow Gatherers,

I know I've already sent this to a few of you, but for those who haven't
seen it yet, would any of you like to support my application to take part in

Please vote at the link below, and share with any friends who may also be
pursuaded to vote.

[N.B.: Once you've voted, check your vote is included in the list of voters
to the right of my entry - the site seems a little flaky, and a few friends
have had to try a second time].

Many thanks in advance - and see some of you at a gig somewhere in the
autumn, Jane

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Subject: Help me win a place in Tri-City-Athlon - PLEASE VOTE FOR

Importance: High

Hi all,

Apologies to those of you who get this in multiple places in Facebook too...
I'm just trying to ensure I get everyone's attention ;-)

Eurostar are currently running a competition to win 1 of 60 entries (20 for
UK based), in the Tri-City-Athlon event which will take place on 14th

I would love the opportunity to take part in this amazing event, which
involves swimming 1500m in Basin de la Villette, Paris, followed by a
Eurostar ride to Brussels to complete a 40k bike ride, and ending with
another train ride to London to run 10k in Regent's Park.

PLEASE HELP ME to win a place in this event by voting for me at the link
below, (where you can also view my case for selection), before the closing
date of 9th June:


[N.B.: Click on "Vote" at the top of the screen to register, (just name,
email & DOB), if you don't have a Facebook account (or don't want to use it
to vote)].

If I get sufficient votes to make the top 50 of UK applicants, my entry will
then go forward to a judging panel who will select the winning 20, and I
should know whether or not I've been lucky enough to be chosen to do the
race by 23rd June.

Please could I also ask you to forward this to any friends, colleagues
and/or anyone else you think could be pursuaded to vote for me. The more
votes I can get, the better my chances of making the top 50.

If you have any questions, by all means give me a shout.

Many thanks in advance for your help and hope to see you all sometime soon,
Jane xx


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