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ha ha! Looks like.
That's quite an entertaining read.

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> Eh?


> Have they merged the Bio of two different bands?


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> Can anyone help with a link to the best place to purchase tickets for the Paris gig ?

> Bearing in mind i have difficulty reading French.


> I did come across this though -

> A bit of a disconcerting description to say the least.



> "Killing Joke’s members met in grade school. The bassistdiscovered his love of music by listening to his sister's collection of records. Killing Joke started performing at summer festivals. The band used to practice at the bassist's basement.

> The most current project from Killing Joke has been heavily influenced by bands of the 1970s. The band is in the midst of the accompanying tour for their newest release.

> submitted their single to X101.9 and a DJ took a liking to it. The group members were excited once they were signed and quit their odd jobs that had supported them while they worked toward their dreams. Killing Joke were relieved when their single climbed the charts. They had heard too many stories of bands with record deals going nowhere.

> Killing Joke knew that they were truly working musicians after the band’s first fan club was started by Jennifer Neilson in 2000. The group embraced the small fan club and with the launching of the group’s own website by Susan Lordi and a well marketed national tour the club quickly grew to a few thousand.

> The band has an obsession with Clerk in Champaign and are sure to play a concert every year. Killing Joke's shows always have the audience singing by the end of the concert. Killing Joke’s tickets for their latest tour are on sale on TheSeats.com, along with the schedule of all the group’s concerts."




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