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I've always hated tribute bands until I joined one last year for fun. It's a Sisters tribute called The Reptile House. I feel it's a worth while cause and it's as fun as hell too. Make's it even more worthwhile when people tell us we sound more like the Sisters than the sisters do nowadays. (which is not a difficult task!) . I play Wayne Fussey :)We're playing Friday night with an excellent Smiths tribute called This Charming band. Probably going to sell out the club, have fun and make decent money doing it. I've posted this here before but we have vids here - www.youtube.com/thereptilehaus and our page here: www.myspace.com/thereptilehaus



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Look I don't see the point of tribute bands unless you are a tribute band and need 2 make your living. The funniest tribute band name I've heard is Travesty( Travis) & that say it all.
Suggestions :
Rammstein : Quimstein
Muse : Doctor Who Sountrack(apart from first 2 albums)
Prong : Midgets & Pie EaterS

I can't believe people go to see them. I love umpa music played live when I'm pissed up ski-ing in Austria. Otherwise I'd like 2 see an authentic Abba tribute band with just Agnetha?& not the beardy cunts & the other one.

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