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LOL, Dave I think Thor is already among us and he is disgusted ;).

Really, aside from the fight or flight response, I don't think the comparison of an animal's avoidance of death can be similar to the human experience of it. Animals, even taking into consideration elephant burial grounds, do not have death rituals. Cro Magnon man was burying icons with their dead. This recognition of the transitional element of death is not present among animals, at least to my knowledge.

I guess I am rather confused where you see my assertion of my belief system. I simply said that science is cold comfort to the atheist, and that zealots are in every religion and dogma. I don't know where you see that I asserted a belief that a god is necessary, however...I speculated only that benevolence is sometimes deemed to be divine.

In fact we agree ultimately...as you see from the fact that I have not asserted my adherence to any stance regarding life and death issues, and I rabidly avoid those who want to impose their beliefs on others as the one holy truth.

Really, there is no truth except the circle, which can be empirically proven.


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Hello Bette,

My belief is that THOR is gonna have a massive come-back in '09!
I think ALL animals fear death, but (we) humans have contemplated it way more than any other species...
Because we have, we've given rise to supernatural 'authority figures' that somehow, 'exempt' us humans from our natural demise. I think that this is "wishful thinking' at best.
Should your beliefs give you hope about life (and the after-life), then I'm not going to argue... You just run with that.
But if you say, "That my beliefs are true", then I might have a problem with that.


Zealots of all forms are simply projecting their feelings of emptiness into the void of an indifferent world.Fundamentalist of Y=Fundamentalist of Z in the final analysis. The imposition of their views on others who are uninterested, their concrete good/bad thinking and their smug belief that there is one true explanation I have found in the most "Christian" person who hisses as I mention the Gnostic texts, and the angry young anarchist who believes there is no god and anyone who believes differently is devoid of intellect. There is something that connects us and makes us human. Some call it God. Let us see what Richard Dawkins will call it when he has that inevitable sling and/or arrow pierces his all too mortal skin.....it happens to us all. Bette
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