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Forgot to say - it was good to see Jon, Chris, Brian, Lisa & Gary, Mick Head and other KJ Fans/gatherers whose names have slipped out of my mind. Apologies to those I've neglected to mention, Jane

Brian - how was the head Monday?? Lesley let it slip that you and Iain were enjoying Tequila's (I think), during KJ, which could explain your transition from coherent to otherwise over the 90 mins or so...

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John was pretty much the first person I spoke to after KJ's set.... Both he and Rob, (Goldblade's drummer), were somewhat impressed.

I concurred - the sound could have been better at times, but it was great to see the band really enjoying themselves up there on stage, together with a good vibe in the audience... and one or two decent songs to bop too ---- had a great night!!


P.S.: I gather Goldblade also laid on a fantastic show earlier in the weekend, but I was still in Canada at the time.

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>From John Robb* - "Killing Joke Rulled!"

The power of Twitter :)

*Goldblade, journo etc




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