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O god. If, as others posted a few days back, Kermit is a Navy Seal, anything's possible. Don't push it.

... ... ... ... ... ...

[looking at the current state of things..]
'Save me...
  save me from Tomorrow..
    I don't want to sail in this Ship Of Fools...'  

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snuffleufagus (sp) is not real.
Prove it.

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I agree the festivals are less about appealing to the choir of joke fans and creating new fans from the throngs of youthful morons populating the heavy music scenes. hence the selling off of all those crappy clown shirts at the festival shows…those shirts were designed specifically to attract little pimply nitwits with bad haircuts and misguided anger who just discovered snuffleufagus (sp) is not real.


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I've always thought that the Joke's recent festival appearances are probably a great way to attract some new fans among people coming to see other bands, but if they're not pretty high up the bill and getting a decent slot in terms of length, there's no point in going just for them.

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> Holy crap, I'm shocked and stunned... a 30-min set at midday?


>I had seriously considered going, I am now glad we decided we couldn’t afford it!


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