[kj] Potential album cover

melinda grant hollytree1961 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 07:54:47 EDT 2007

drive-in saturday=bowie

riders on the storm=the doors

the passenger=iggy pop.....................................................melinda ps the inquest is into its third day now,at the high court in london,apparently
prince phillip maybe called into question concerning various letters that have gone missen which were wrote by diana,which apparently he knows the where abouts,these letters hold crutial evidence that would seal the fact that car crash was no accident!!!!

also,apparently,diana was close to the queen,who warned her about the fact that there were --dark forces--working against them--//well i never....cannot say i believe all that,onl;y some parts!

From: vassifer at earthlink.netDate: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 07:27:40 -0400To: gathering at misera.netSubject: Re: [kj] Potential album cover

So long as we're being tasteless...

"Crash" by the Primitives
"Burning For You" by Blue Oyster Cult
"Crushed" by The Cocteau Twins

Alex in NYC

On Oct 3, 2007, at 7:26 AM, Paul Wady wrote:

Keep Smiling...

From: flightbringer at hotmail.co.ukTo: gathering at misera.netDate: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 12:22:00 +0100Subject: Re: [kj] Potential album coverFlash by Queen.........................and I'm not accusing Elizabeth of taking that photo btw .

From: flightbringer at hotmail.co.ukTo: gathering at misera.netDate: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 11:04:10 +0100Subject: [kj] Potential album coverThis seems like a good photo for a potential album cover , what songs would the photo be a good sleeve for ? Highway to hell? Anymore ?

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