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melinda grant hollytree1961 at hotmail.com
Sun May 6 16:59:44 EDT 2007

i have only seen devo once,back in 1978(that was by accident....a load of us
were at this theatra suppost to be viewing a black comady called---loot--as
part of this art course/ in bristol--uk at a place called-- the colsten
hall,the threate we were in was part of c.hall,there was an
inside--ajoining door,we were board of watching loot,so 3 of us snuck
out,after 10 mins,slipping into the room where devo were playing,gig had
started so no one saw us,the gig was very interesting i thought,all the more
so as we were doing something we were not suppost to be doing ;-D))) !!!

unfortunatly i proberly wont be in uk in june,the info was for those who
will be ;-)

also saw stiff little fingers twice at same place----colston hall.. back in
78/79 a mate took ten of us,her parents paid for the lot,it was for her
daughters birthday gift ;-),who was a dear friend of mine,the same process
happened the following year,this mate was addicted to s.l.fs music,it was
kinda amusing as to look at her,she was the most conventional typical girl
type,no one ever imagined that she would be into punk at all,a good example
of--people can never judge a book by its cover ;-D


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>And you should all go, because DEVO ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!


>Alex in NYC



>On May 6, 2007, at 2:53 PM, melinda grant wrote:


>>those interested ,if this has not been mentioned already,devo play a gig

>>at the shepards bush empire on 26th june 07.....





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>>>pop, " "military pop, " apocalypic folk fans here--

>>>Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 19:38:19 +0100


>>>Not post-punk or whatever, but a track off Herb Alperts 'What Now My


>>>sprang to mind.

>>>I think it's called "plucky' or 'freckles'

>>>I love that album - so infectiously naff





>>>On 6/5/07 09:28, "B. Oliver Sheppard" wrote:


>>> > Hey all,

>>> >

>>> > After attempting to explore some of the catalogue of music that's


>>> > known for better or worse as "military pop," "martial music," etc.,


>>> > disappointed not more of it employs the sort of martial drumming I

>>> > associate with military cadences. You know, the kind of

>>> > rat-a-tat-tat-tat type snare hits used commonly by Crass in their


>>> > days, and which Killing Joke used in the great song "Rejuvenation"


>>> > _Fire Dances_. I think the first Death in June stuff from the


>>> > 80s even used this at times.

>>> >

>>> > Not I don't mean tribal drumming -- but military cadence-type, drill


>>> > marching type percussion.

>>> >

>>> > Can anyone help me find some decent music in a vaguely post-punk


>>> > that uses this style of drumming? maybe I am overlooking something.

>>> >

>>> > And I'm looking for specific songs, not whole albums or groups or

>>> > genres, unless it exclusively contains this style of percussion.


>>> > -- not tribal, but martial/military percussion. Very early Crass


>>> > used this to great effect and I've rarely heard it elsewhere.

>>> >

>>> > Thanks,

>>> >

>>> > Oliver






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