[kj] so, what d'ya reckon?

melinda grant hollytree1961 at hotmail.com
Fri May 4 18:22:00 EDT 2007

i reckon there will of course be another album,the question is when.....

i dont think it can be completely out of the question either that youth,or
any other members will not be involved,who knows,they could always suprise
us all with someone least exspected to take part as well(suggestions?),it
should not be cut and dried that only jaz/geordie with appear on next album
only,lets all keep an open mind ;-D


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>I bet Jaz and Geordie will do something together again. Whether Raven, Yoof

>and any of the other alumni are involved seems a bit more questionable.


>Alex in NYC




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> >Will KJ actually do another album. Or is it now 11.24?

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