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(_For Your Own Special Sweetheart_, 1995 <----that is such an awesome album!


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> Would have been nice a brief clip and quick name mention or something-

> Marginal Man was a great band also and I do remember them doing some

> headlining shows with big turn outs- They didn't play out that much.

Odd thing was, Marginal Man were mentioned in _American Hardcore_ more
than Government Issue (which was zero), because Innouye spoke on it
frequently (about being a minority in punk) and because his dad's a
senator from Hawaii. I honestly haven't heard anything of Marginal Man I
really like..... I don't think G.I. were as good as DKs or Misfits at
all, obviously, but given that I believe they were the longest-lasting
of the original DC HC bands (1980-1989?) with a huge discography, and
its members produced some fine post-hardcore stuff like Jawbox, who had
a minor hit in the 1990s (_For Your Own Special Sweetheart_, 1995 or so,
on Atlantic, the first big major label band from Dischord), well, a
brief clip such as what Void got woulda been nice. But the documentary
can be nitpicked all day. And has been! :)

I'm pretty jealous of you guys that saw these bands. Have always been an
admirer from the outside who didn't get into punk until 1988, and then
through skateboarding, when I was 14. I missed most of this stuff, first
show was '89.

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