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>"The design was used on the shirts for the 25th anniversary gigs

>at Shepherd's Bush. That's the first time I saw it anyway."



me two ..guardian.n./i recieved update from plastic heads also ;-) i love
that hammer n sickle design,although its not a patch on colseys stuff ;-D!!

--have i just contradicted myself ;-o? in one breath saying i love h-n-s
design,then upting the best artist for k.j designs--mr.m.- are better?

melinda ps a friend of mine has recently been ripped of with a loss of£
6.00,0 pounds after order an item costing a tenner of the net--someone stole
her details,then got her money,she is landed with bill ;-o now has to
proove to bank it was not her who spent this large amount,what an ordeal ;-/
anyone else exsperience anything like that or simi;iar?

still think shopping on-line is well risky ;-/ melinda


>Geoffrey ODonoghue <go1845 at yahoo.com> wrote: I received a KJ merchandise

>email from plastichead and I noticed a KJ logo that I have never seen

>before. It seems to be modelled on the flag of the Soviet Union. You can

>get it on a badge and it appears on the back of a t-shirt and... well... um

>- I quite like it.


> That's all.


> Oh - wait.


> While I'm going on about inane KJ stuff - I've noticed that Jaz says the

>name of his band as "KILLINGjoke". Just like that - one word with the

>emphasis on the killing. I've always said the band's name as "killing



> I'll stop before I bore you all to death.




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