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Fri Mar 9 05:26:00 EST 2007

This time last week I had spent most of the early hours with my partner Denise who had suffered a heart attack I found her on the kitchen floor where she had collapsed,the ambulance was at the flat very quickly but she never recovered, this week I have spent trying to be strong for her and her family. As things have got on we have got most things now organised with the funeral on Tuesday , I had been with Denny for the past 4 years now it feels empty , I have a lot of good people around me which helps, somehow life feels a feels a great deal different. Also today I went to go on my pc at my parents and that has now decided to pack up too, so am using my mates pc for now.

As over the last few years I have met numerous gatherers at gigs I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings even though they have been all over the place this last week. I am still staying at the flat as I gain strength from this and feel she is with me which keeps me strong.


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