[kj] "Universe B" lyrics?

Lennonka svoje.ja at centrum.cz
Mon Mar 5 08:58:18 EST 2007

Cheers Saulomar

I also would appreciate if someone would give us these lyrics.
I would post them to www.killingjoke.cz Lost Lyrics as soon as they are available.

Please, if somebody is able to write them down, send them to us.

Thank you for your attention.

Lennonka, Cz

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> Předmět: [kj] "Universe B" lyrics?


>Anyone mind posting the lyrics to "Universe B"? I'm not able to find them


> thanks,

> SD



>... ... ... ... ... ...

>As the masters rot on walls

>And the angels eat their grapes

>I watched picasso

>visit the planet of the apes



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