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hi greg, you are intitled to your opinion on the damned,of course ;-)

i suppose that the fuss that used to surround ...the damned....(dont think
it is as much these days though...)is proberly because they were one of the
very first u.k punk bands ;-/ if i remember,they started out in 1975,along
with the pistols/buzzcocks(although i never really termed the buzzy as in
the same catogory as the former 2 listed--i think it was there lyrics that
stopped me ever taking them seriously in the very early days--have you herd
those awful buzzcocks lyrics ;-D))))? there a crying shame...)

back to the damned.......

there kinda legendary in a way,seen as something spacial--looked upon
affectionally,well thats how i see them ;-)

having seen them live many times in the distant past,they always did stir a
sort of energy from there audience(no,nothing in the same way as special or
powerful as the joke stirs in us lot at there gathering gigs--,dont be silly

so i can fully understand why the younger generations of the mid
are kinda turned on by the damneds music-----and also why the teens of the
70s--(me included),and early 80s,feel
a little nostolgic where the damneds gigs/music is concerned!

not everyones cup of tea obviously,but at least the damned dared to branch
out and try different styles of music,yhey took the risk,some of it
failed,some of it did not.

melinda ps b 4 anyone objects,yep,the buzzcocks, musically are nothing but
brilliant,its just those lyrics ;-/

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>Oh yeah, and please don't come my house an d knife me, but most overrated

>punk band:


>The Dammed! I don't really know there music apart from the "hits", but have

>seen them twice--around 83 and around 2002--and could never figure out what

>the fuss was about. Sound like a 2nd or 3rd rate pub/pop/punk band w/o lots

>of good songs. They were tight and put on a good show (more interesting

>than the Buzzcocks, for example, who have much much better material but

>aren't anything special live..) but I don't put them in the same league as

>the Clash, Ramones. Buzzcocks,  Stiff Little Fingers, etc.







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> >Oliver

> >

> > >I have a 12" interview picture disc of The Damned -- no songs, just a

> > >long interview. One side is a head shot of Vanian, Phantasmagoria-era,

> > >and the flipside is a shot of the band when they were a five piece,

> > >Music for Pleasure_ era, w/ Lu Edmonds in it. Great photo, not-so-great

> > >interview.

> >

> >not seen that - at least I don't remember it !

> >there were a whole load of those

>interview discs which appeared in the mid

> >to late eighties, and I kind of lost interest in the Damned when they

> >released 'Anything'.....and apart from seeing a couple of the reunion


> >in the early nineties, it wasn't rekindled until I heard Grave Disorder

> >

> > >I used to have The Damned Scrapbook, Part1 (ever heard of that? Like a

> > >bunch of photocopies of old articles, etc. about them)

> >

> >I've a feeling my mate Mark has a copy of that....Mark played bass for


> >legendary Johnny Moped for a while - he knew some of the luminaries of


> >Croydon punk scene, including Captain.

> >

> >Peter

> >

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