[kj] TOTALLY unheard track!

Jiri unspeakable at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 5 12:12:33 EST 2007

Sure, I'm a pedant, fine. But this promo business with the new
Extremities outtakes is grating on me.

It's aimed at die-hard fans -- "a fan's dream come true" -- yet you're
telling these same fans that "The Fanatic" is a "TOTALLY unheard track."
Wow. Like, TOTALLY awesome!

Maybe "rare" or "unreleased" -- or even "UNRELEASED!" if you must. But
it seems to me a good chunk of the people who will fork money out for
this (*raises hand*) do not view a live version of "The Fanatic" as
unheard. As a fan, I'd rather be directly abused ("total exploitation")
than abused by pure accidental hyperbole.

I'm TOTALLY signing off now,


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