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I never had much of a problem with them changing over the years. The goth
trip on Phantasmagoria was a bit much and it is only a mediocre album. Much
of their later albums only had a couple of good songs on it while the rest
is throw away. The last album I remember liking for the most part is
Strawberries (I like the Black album but I think that was before).
If anything the Damned seem more of a sell out now because they seem to be
intentionally catering to their punkier sound for the young kids. And oh
man the kids are out in hordes now. Not when they first came back. Oh what
the mall can do to the impressionable youth.
But I'll still go. Especially now that Patricia is out (I kid...sort of).
Captain Sensible is always worth a visit and to see Vanian get more vain
(pun intended and look at those hair plugs) over the years is funny. Wish
Rat was still in it though. He was the Paul Stanley of the band during
their low point (trying to keep it going and everyone interested).


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>I guess by that point they'd broken up, reformed briefly as The Doomed,

>then came back as The Damned in '79 without Brian James, which, yeah, I

>guess from a certain perspective maybe folks like that would see as

>selling out. Of course, I forst got into The Damned in 1988 whe I was

>14, so I'm one to talk. It was still hard to find punk-type albums here

>(this is Texas, after all) so I grabbed what I could. I remember

>listening to Phantasmagoria and then Damned, Damned, Damned, which I

>bought both at the same time, and being like, huh, what the hell is

>going on here? Is this the same band?








>Neil Perry wrote:

> > Well that always confused me to about the Damned - I think

> > the 'real' punks gave them the benefit of the doubt over the

> > second album, but Machine Gun Etiquette was considered a

> > major sell out by the hardcore - it was the album that

> > all the younger kids like myself really got into, which was the

> > kiss of death for any self-respecting original fan.



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