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Papa Lazarou circuit_bender at yahoo.com
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Aphex Twin is one guy. Richard James. He's a spendid chap a.k.a. AFX, Caustic Window, Polygon Window...etc etc...
  If you're new to him I suggest getting the 'Classics' album on R & S.
  Then go buy it all!!! :P

Tinsoldier645527 at aol.com wrote:
          I LOVE AFX.They are incredible to listen to when you're having a smoke!I don't actually own any of their albums,but I've got a few songs on my PC,and my favourites are Maximim Electronica,Windowlicker,Didgeridoo,Cornish Acid and Milkman.Incredible stuff man!
  In a message dated 22/08/2006 17:30:15 GMT Daylight Time, crackedmachine at yahoo.co.uk writes:
  --- Papa Lazarou <circuit_bender at yahoo.com> wrote:

> just avoid the 'richard d. james' album.

I think that album is excellent, really.

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