[kj] I'm not racist, but...

Paul Rangecroft paul.rangecroft at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 06:24:48 EST 2005

...you may find the following true facts of interest. According to a recent
unscientifically small poll of a non-representative proportion of the
 * 47.883% (with a standard deviation of 2.94) of those who liked
PANDEMONIUM worked in corner shops and couldn't decide which cricket team
they supported. One of these did a wicked Ali G impression, innit.
 * An unusually large number of those who liked NIGHT TIME put dogs in
stirfries and made very good workers.
 * More of those who voted for FIRE DANCES than REVELATIONS had big, thick
rubbery lips (like Henry Cooper and Joe Bugner).
 Jaz Coleman is off mixed race. Which is my favourite. That's the
melting-pot, please. So there's your racists, for you.
 This poll was compiled for the Gathering by the United Metropolitan Police
Force of Great Britain (an equal-opportunities employer - although we would
like to point out that there ain't no black in the Union Jack).
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