[kj] (ot) Billy Idol.... hahaha (the last one, i swear)

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I was never a big fan of "Jump".  Seemed like something that they threw together just to show off Eddie's newfound love for keyboards (also rife on "I'll Wait"). "Panama" was alright, but essentially a re-write of earlier material.  The only real reason to pick up the 1984, I'd say, would be "Hot for Teacher".

Once David Lee Roth left the band, they were garbage. Anyone who tells you differently isn't a real fan (take THAT!) They may be guilty of inspiring the very worse strains of hair metal, but the first few VH albums are fucking GOLD from start to finish (just ask GEORDIE K. WALKER). 

Alex in NYC.....whose favorite Van Halen album now and forever is FAIR WARNING.

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'Jump' was their first big hit, - could tell you that the song was cool

    Javier Javier Javier...............come and sit here ,I would like a
word with you................
  I can understand Alex liking the Exploited,(Maybe he gets home from a
mentally taxing day and likes to vegetate by listening to The Exploited),I
can understand Tin liking The Gonads(He's young)........And I can even
understand people liking Rush.
     But I really cant accommodate ANYBODY liking "Jump".Are we talking
about the same song here?The video of the song is a long haired bloke in
spandex trousers and white basketball boots and everytime he sings "Jump" he
eerrrrrrmmmmmm jumps,Jumps high as he can with his legs spread and
fire-works going off behind him..............Javi,Im  disappointed with you
............I really am..........
The only way to redeem yourself is to go and watch it again and report back
how crap it is.

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Ok, this will be the last message on this topic from my side as I honestly
don't give a tiny little damn about a lame band like Aerosmith and Van Halen
has been out of my musical interests since the arrival of S. Haggar (before
I used to like them, and still listen to them some times). The original
topic was other, and if I'm wrong It's ok, no problem at all.
I know Van Halen were Arena headliners before '1984'. In my humblest opinion
and at least in Mexico (and I'm sure most Latin America) 'Jump' was their
first big hit, you could listen to that song even in a supermarket or your
"young aunt" -who usually listened shitty pop music for adults- could tell
you that the song was cool. When Sammy Haggar arrived Van Halen turned
politically correct and jumped completelly out of the heavy metal scene; by
that time even your mother could tell you she liked Van Halen songs (Why
can't this be love?). They reached wider audience, that made me thought they
sold more records by that time, but am I wrong thinking they turned more
famous in the Sammy Haggar years??

End of transmision

Javier - the mule ;)

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