[kj] Motorhead v Hawkwind

Alexander Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 31 11:01:32 EST 2005

I'm sure someone's answered already. Lemmy didn't roadie for Hawkwind, 
he PLAYED in Hawkwind and wrote that track (along with "Silver 
Machine"), and recorded it with them first --- before they fired him 
after a drug bust in Canada.

Alex in NYC

On Thursday, March 31, 2005, at 06:06 PM, Dave Noonan wrote:

> Just caught a listen to Motorhead by Hawkwind,
> which came first??? (I know Lem used to roadie) - is the Motorhead 
> eponymous the original or a tribute to the interstellar rockers...I 
> have to know!
> Dave
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