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Iain & I will be there too - staying in Lancaster, 3 miles away, as we couldn't get a B&B in Morecambe - most were apparently booked up when people left last year. The campsite is apparently about a mile from the venue, and costs £30 for the whole festival
I didn't know the Damned had pulled out - that's a shame. Still - lots of other good bands anyway.

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I'll be there this year as ever.
The main problem is getting somewhere to stay that is close to the venues as most B&Bs are booked well in advance. I think they are laying on a campsite this year but I don't know how far from the venues it is.

The Damned have pulled out due to recording commitments. 

They nearly had KJ last year apparently.

I'm 41 and 3/4 so I've got vague recolections of most of them.


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The Punk Festival is in Morecambe is May 19th - 22nd 
Its also know as the wasted Festival. I have got my ticket 

Check out http://www.holidaysinthesun.net/ 

The Damned were due to play on the Sunday, but it looks like they are no longer on the Bill. 

We still got Stranglers, Levellers, Undertones, GoldBlade, Uk Subs, Exploited, GBH, Sham 69 and a whole load of other bands I havent heard of , because I am 32 not 42. Although the recent punk discussions have made me a bit more knowledgable. 

Check out the Confirmed bands. 
You will have to rush to get a ticket at 65 pounds, as it goes up to 75 pounds tomorrow. 


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