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Will E Scheipers wscheip1 at juno.com
Tue Mar 29 23:01:43 EST 2005

Lanterns of hope is a good song. No problem with it really. It does bring
forth some of Jaz's more consistent ideals. I was actually listening the
in car today and realized how massive Aeon and Pilgrimage, which to me is
another track them seems very heartfelt from Jaz, would be if they
weren't drowning in effects. The part in pilgrimage where the bass and
guitar fade out to have just the beat and Jaz is very nice. 

All in all Democracy is not a bad album, just wish they had omitted
prozac people and another bloody election, which to be is a much better
example of strapping on an attitude versus KJ2003, and put in 4 stations
of the sun and mass. 


On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:56:27 -0800 (PST) parasikon <parasikon at yahoo.com>
I see that still noone has come forward to help me champion
Lanterns.So,i'll toss it on my back and make another last stand with it.I
still say that it's a shimmering thing of beauty.One of the strongest
tracks on the whole damn cd.Kind of like an oasis/mirage out in some
desert wasteland.This song seems to be all about the "basic man" that we
all love and his final trek into the wilderness.How could anybody not
love that?It's about living out of your napsack,standing in a garden of
simplicity,eating the forgotten fruits of the old world,or just simply
switching off your television and getting out in the fucking woods.If i
have any argument against this song, it mostly just stems from the order
in which the tracks appear on the cd.This one should have been last.A
much better note to close on than Another Bloody Election.(Oh, and that
drum roll still sounds like it was nicked from Nirvana's Breed.)As far as
Killing Joke optimism goes,Lanterns is a goldmine.It's also the band's
own sort of spaghetti western where they all pack up and ride out into
the sunset.Please,if you dismissed it as weak the first time that you
ever listened to it,then put on your headphones and listen to it for the
2nd time in your life.You couldn't possibly be disappointed.My opinion
anyway.    : )

Will E Scheipers <wscheip1 at juno.com> wrote: 
Democracy has some definite gems on it. Aeon, Democracy, Absent Friends,
Medicine Wheel, Intellect, Savage Freedom. However throughout the album
Jaz seems to be in a lyrical rut. 


On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 11:07:19 -0800 (PST) Alex Smith
> For me. "Aeon" is *ALL* about Geordie's riff, which sounds like 
> planet-sized
> church bells. Pity about the production, though, busily muddling the 
> track with 
> technoey tweaks, indistinguishable percussion and needless rumbling, 
> which all but
> renders Jaz's lyrics incomprehensible.
> As Rob suggest, it is *DYING* for a remix. Preferrably a simple one. 
> Strip away 
> Youth's bong-addicted filigree.
> Alex in NYC
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> Actually, Alex, my faves are "Intellect" and "Medicine Wheel"--both 
> remind me of old classic KJ stuff. I also like the lyrics to 
> "Democracy" and "Bloody Election". I didn't really like "Aeons" 
> until I named my 40th birthday party the "TAPping into the Aeons" 
> party (it was held at a bar with about 100 taps--no joke!). 
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> On the way to work this morning, my iPod set to a random selection 
> of `Joke 
> tracks, the melifluously malevolent strains of "Savage Freedom" 
> filled my 
> `phones. I'm not a big supporter of the DEMOCRACY record, but 
> **OOF** does this 
> track ever cook. Sure, it's a bit busy (was the acoustic guitar 
> necessary?), but 
> with the possible exception of "Aeon," it's the best thing on the 
> album. 
> Agree? Disagree? Others to discuss?
> Alex in NYC
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