[kj] Undersung KJ songs

melinda grant hollytree1961 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 30 10:18:34 EST 2005

blucy.... u c everything from 1 point of view it seems---geordies 
guitaring...try and open your mind a bit more,there is more to a trak than a 
guitar,u seem a bit obsessed with 1 view point only,u r missing out on a lot 
by only focusing on 1 section only,when there are 4 other sections that 
usually contribute as well to any given trak--try looking at the whole of 
something,and not just the quarter only,then end up judging a whole 
trak,having only noticed a quarter--i dont know how u arrive at a decent 
conclusion from such a narrow stance----most strange.      mel

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>In a message dated 3/29/2005 3:21:34 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>bluceree2003 at yahoo.co.uk writes:
> > pandemonium was a riff to be reckoned with for sure.  but those other 
> > werent exactly the 'multiple orchestras fighting for your soul' type of
> > Geordie material I hoped for.
> >
>I disagree. Most of the songs on "Pandemonium" (esp side one) sound like an
>orchesral army charging agaisnt all the injustices of corporate 
>destruction, personal turmoil, and lame music!
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