[kj] Peter & the Test Tube Babies/The Gonads

iPat pmdavies at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 04:49:25 EST 2005

id rather go for albums like 
the Mob 'No Doves Fly Here'
Flux of pink indians
Crass' Staions, Feeding or Penis Envy
subhumans, conflict

then again there is the likes of the Angelic Upstarts, Vice Squad,
Lurkers that may appeal to you

or Theatre of Hate, New Order....lords of the New Church

The on u sound dub cross over may also be exciting

man its a big world out there! good luck!

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 03:45:18 EST, Tinsoldier645527 at aol.com
<Tinsoldier645527 at aol.com> wrote:
> I've been listening to a punk compilation my dad gave me,and 2 tracks that
> stood out for me was Maniac by Peter & the Test Tube Babies,and I lost my
> Love to a UK Sub by The Gonads,is it worth buying any of their albums,or are
> they one off's?

live for today, live for tomorrow
"Truth is a pathless land. Man cannot come to it through any
organisation, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual,
nor through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He
has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the
understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and
not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection..."

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