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For me. "Aeon" is *ALL* about Geordie's riff, which sounds like planet-sized
church bells. Pity about the production, though, busily muddling the track with 
technoey tweaks, indistinguishable percussion and needless rumbling, which all but
renders Jaz's lyrics incomprehensible.

As Rob suggest, it is *DYING* for a remix. Preferrably a simple one. Strip away 
Youth's bong-addicted filigree.

Alex in NYC

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Actually, Alex, my faves are "Intellect" and "Medicine Wheel"--both remind me of old classic KJ stuff. I also like the lyrics to "Democracy" and "Bloody Election". I didn't really like "Aeons" until I named my 40th birthday party the "TAPping into the Aeons" party (it was held at a bar with about 100 taps--no joke!). 
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On the way to work this morning, my iPod set to a random selection of `Joke 
tracks, the melifluously malevolent strains of "Savage Freedom" filled my 
`phones. I'm not a big supporter of the DEMOCRACY record, but **OOF** does this 
track ever cook. Sure, it's a bit busy (was the acoustic guitar necessary?), but 
with the possible exception of "Aeon," it's the best thing on the album. 

Agree? Disagree? Others to discuss?

Alex in NYC
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