[kj] (ot) Billy Idol.... hahahahahahahahahaha

Alexander Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 27 10:55:06 EST 2005

Yeah, it's bad. Is it me, or is Billy appropriating the old Screamers 
logo in the video

(see that logo here:   http://www.synthpunk.org/screamers/)

I think he is.

Alex in NYC

On Sunday, March 27, 2005, at 08:57 AM, bluce ree wrote:

> .... chortle!
> I saw his new video last night.... oh my god.... I dont think I'll 
> ever recover.  It is without a doubt the funniest, most awful thing 
> I've ever seen. 
> The video is the usual 80s on-stage heavy rock thing, but with a 
> terrible, terrible Billy singing to a woman in the crowd thing going 
> on (like that Springsteen video with Courtney Cox in it).
> Now, I barely remember much of his earlier works but I'm pretty sure 
> he used to try and sound american like most UK rock acts did.  Well 
> now he's putting on the mockney, coupled with the fact that he really 
> cannot sing.  He struggles throughout the song which features some of 
> the worst lyrics imaginable.
> You are the lock
> I am the key
> Climb up my lemon tree
> I mean for fuck's sake... how bad is that?  Oh... not bad enough?  
> Okay... try....
> Pretty baby in the back of my car
> Look now, you’ve gone too far
> Have a slice of my lemon pie
> One more will get you high
> the video ends with two more laughably awful things.  Firstly the 
> camera pans out to reveal about thousands of people in the audience 
> when clearly there were about 50 max and then right at the end the 
> woman in the crowd passes out and when she recovers Billy is there and 
> he says....
> 'are you alright, love'... 
> it sort of all sounded like The Cult at their very worst, but even 
> more shit!
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