[kj] Echo and the Bunnymen

Thomas Kennedy tkennedy1999 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 25 00:45:12 EST 2005

<has anyone heard killing moon by these guys>
(your joking, right??....)   How old are you?  ; )

Tinsoldier645527 at aol.com wrote:
has anyone heard killing moon by these guys?it totally rocks!!!i havent really been into eighties music until recently,after starting to listen to KJ's earlier stuff(and watching Donnie Darko repeatedly).But Echo and the Bunnymen just totally blew me away,they remind of REM in a strange way,i just can't think why

Look at the controller,Nazi,with a social degree,
Middle-class hero,rapist,with your eyes on me.
You pay some masturbation,the Priest cheers for the nuns you fuck!

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