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Graeme Rowland crackedmachine at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 24 11:48:48 EST 2005

They could
it to

Livin' in the naughties

Just jokin'

--- Jpwhkj at aol.com wrote:
> Of course, Jaz did say pretty much that about
> Eighties, in (you guessed) 1989. "We won't be
> playing this again" were the exact words, I think.
> Anyway, they did of course play it in 1991 and
> later.
> Mind you, I haven't heard it in the 21st century
> (yet) but perhaps in 75 years' time it will become
> freshly relevant. Perhaps with slightly amended
> lyrics:
> "Eighties - I'm still alive in the eighties."
> In fact, given that Jaz has just turned 45, it's
> unlikely that he'll still be with us in 75 years'
> time.  But in 35 years, he could sing:
> "Eighties - I'm living in my eighties."
> Jamie

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