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Thu Mar 24 02:27:59 EST 2005

Of course, Jaz did say pretty much that about Eighties, in (you guessed) 1989. "We won't be playing this again" were the exact words, I think. Anyway, they did of course play it in 1991 and later.

Mind you, I haven't heard it in the 21st century (yet) but perhaps in 75 years' time it will become freshly relevant. Perhaps with slightly amended lyrics:

"Eighties - I'm still alive in the eighties."

In fact, given that Jaz has just turned 45, it's unlikely that he'll still be with us in 75 years' time.  But in 35 years, he could sing:

"Eighties - I'm living in my eighties."


Alex Smith <vassifer at earthlink.net> writes:

>By "drawing a line under everything" they'd previously done, is that to say that they're done with playing it ala Bowie's SOUND + VSION tour stunt (which he, of course, later re-negged on)? I do hope not. While there are a clutch of KJ tracks that probably don't need to be played again anytime soon (I'm sure each of you have your own recommendations), I shudder at such declarative statements. I actually was in attendance at a Peter Murphy solo show some years back and the band chuckling started the intro to "Bela Lugosi's Dead," only for Peter to wave it off, saying "YOU'LL NEVER HEAR THAT ONE FROM ME AGAIN." Cut to about six or seven years later, and there's Peter pawing on the pancake makeup and writhing around screeching "BELLLLLLAAAAAAA'S UNDEEEEEEAAAAAAD" yet again (as I believe he'll be doing YET AGAIN at the Coachella fest.)
>Never say never.
>Alex in NYC

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