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bluce ree bluceree2003 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 20:43:35 EST 2005

did u have to pay the import tax when the goods arrived?  or did you get invoiced seperately for it?

Dave Noonan <noonan.hq at ntlworld.com> wrote:Well didn't I think it would be bright n clever to order the entire KJ back catalogue from www.cduniverse.com - the dollar is down and I thought mmm mmm this looks cheap and didn’t the bastards just cane me in import tax and a curious £4.00 'release' fee from our own lovely unRoyal Mail - careful folks when trawling the tinternet fer bargains...still I have lots of shiny CD's instead of lots of f*cked up vinyl to listen to – huzzzaaarrr!

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