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Hi Jerry
I often find myself drawn to melancholy music - sometimes I like to wallow
awhile. I'm not much of a Miles expert but I've always liked Kind of Blue.
I've also got Bitches' Brew which to be honest I've never really got on
with, and also my favourite - Panthalassa which definitely has a touch of
the Badalamenti film score about it - whether this is Miles or Bill
Laswell's tweaking I couldn't say. Which other Miles albums would you
recommend ?

Peter, you would be feeling melancholy after listening to Kind of Blue.
I have to consciously avoid melancholy music depending on what mood I'm
in, I know that sometimes it will send me right over if I'm not careful.

Would you say that Miles in his Kinda Blue/Sketches of Spain era is a
direct influence on Angelo Badalamenti's music for David Lynch?

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Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (feeling a bit melancholy at the moment, not
really sure why)

Amber Asylum - The Natural Philosophy of Love (not far away from Dead
Dance in a way, but theres something more sinister in its beauty. I
Kris Force used to be in Swans ?)

Extremeties, Dirt & various etc etc. Not played this for a while - for
the melancholy kicks in too hard, as it sometimes does.

Roy Harper - bootleg. Just noticed he gets a credit on the sleeve of the
above. I know his son Nick is a big KJ fan.

The Damned - expanded Machine Gun Etiquette cd.

Tom Waits - Real Gone. Officially now my favourite Tom Waits album.


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