[kj] What an earful?

Steve Hackett thepunisher at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 13:39:53 EST 2005

The deluxe NIN package of downward spiral.
the extra cd has some great remixes,demo's etc inc. an interesting version of Soft Cells Memorabilia.
Misfits,new QOTSA,Buzzcocks,Rammstein
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    What are we listening to at the moment [apart from KJ] people?


  Apart from KJ huh?Not a lot really,Stiff Little Fingers,Skunk Anansie,Dimmu Borgir,Murderdolls(the DJ played Murderdolls at SBE on the 24th!!!),Slipknot,and a bit of KoRn

  Look at the controller,Nazi,with a social degree,
  Middle-class hero,rapist,with your eyes on me.
  You pay some masturbation,the Priest cheers for the nuns you fuck!


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