[kj] What an earful?

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Wed Mar 23 12:32:04 EST 2005

>The Dukes of S. was supposed to be just XTC using that name, sort of 

Twas indeed . . they never really managed to keep it much of a secret

>From what I heard it was really Dave Gregory's baby (he made sure they used
just the right equipment for the era etc)

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> The Dukes  of S. was supposed to be just XTC using that  name, sort of
> secretly. 
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> Yeah, I recall you mentioning them in NYC, Alex. A few days later I
> happened across a video on some music channel... "that sounds like XTC" I
> thought... lo and behold, twas the Futureheads. 
> If you like XTC, what did you make of the Dukes Of Stratosphear? I love
> that band! 
> Dave 
> At 10:09 23/03/2005 -0500, you wrote: 
> >People keep telling me that the Futureheads remind them of the Jam, but I
> >simply don't hear any Jam in them at all. Lots of XTC, though. 
> > 
> >Alex in NYC 
> > 
> > 
> >On Wednesday, March 23, 2005, at 05:45 AM, iPat wrote: 
> > 
> >>any particular flavour? 
> >>each to their own as i didnt think that at all! 
> >>still, worth a listen though! 
> >> 
> >>: ) 
> >> 
> >>   
> >>>I saw an advert for their album last night as well. Thought they
> sounded 
> >>>like The Jam. 
> >> 
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