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There's just no way they could do a gig without the "classics" in there 
too. I thought the last tour had a fair smattering on new stuff, and I'd go 
with Paul in that they probably didn't have anything ready to go for the 
SBE gigs. It woulda been good to have maybe one new one just to show us the 
future, but when they're dropping MINOG 'cos Jaz can't remember the words, 
I'd reckon new material just didn't stand a chance!
I know some folks are sick of Wardance, but I gotta say it's always a great 
moment at a Joke show for me. I've always liked the way they rarely do Love 
Like Blood... just to annoy the fuckers that only own Now That's What I 
Call Music 24 or some such horror. It also makes it an extra special treat 
when they DO play it.
I'm still surprised, nay, perturbed by the fact they played nothing of 
What's This For? though.


At 13:13 21/03/2005 -0500, you wrote:

>By "drawing a line under everything" they'd previously done, is that to 
>say that they're done with playing it ala Bowie's SOUND + VSION tour stunt 
>(which he, of course, later re-negged on)? I do hope not. While there are 
>a clutch of KJ tracks that probably don't need to be played again anytime 
>soon (I'm sure each of you have your own recommendations), I shudder at 
>such declarative statements. I actually was in attendance at a Peter 
>Murphy solo show some years back and the band chuckling started the intro 
>to "Bela Lugosi's Dead," only for Peter to wave it off, saying "YOU'LL 
>NEVER HEAR THAT ONE FROM ME AGAIN." Cut to about six or seven years later, 
>and there's Peter pawing on the pancake makeup and writhing around 
>screeching "BELLLLLLAAAAAAA'S UNDEEEEEEAAAAAAD" yet again (as I believe 
>he'll be doing YET AGAIN at the Coachella fest.)
>Never say never.
>Alex in NYC
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>more of an excuse than an explanation, i'd say! if they don't play any
>old stuff ever again i'll believe it.
>On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 10:24:48 -0000, woody2shooz <woody2shooz at yahoo.co.uk> 
> > someone posted earlier;
> > raven said, on the radio, that those gigs were to draw a line under
> > everything they had done before and make way for the most terrifying (or
> > something) opus yet.
> > I guess that was offered by way of explanation why there were no new songs
> > played...?
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