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Not these days - I can't seem to keep up with the pace of 100+ gigs a year & trying to train consistently for triathlon. Must be old age...
That said we are doing 1 gig tonight, (DTX - formerly known as Dog Toffee) & 2 tomorrow, ("and ... trail of dead" then "Hyperjax"), and all the training is pretty much on hold as I managed to injure my adductor muscle 2.5 weeks ago. Whether I'll be able to do the Paris Marathon is very much up in the air now - which is pissing me off somewhat after all the hard work I'd put in. Anyway - enough of my self-inflicted misery. 
Basically, all the ticket agents are rip off merchants, but sometimes, some seem to have better deals than others.
If you can, (and it's not going to cost a fortune getting there), it's always cheapest to go to the venue or local ticket outlet & pay cash. Unfortunately not all venues still have a face-value box office, but it often worth finding out.
If you have to use an agent, www.ticketline.co.uk is usually, but not always cheaper than www.wayahead.com, www.seetickets.com, www.aloud.com or www.ticketmaster.com . For London, www.ticketweb.com sometimes works out cheaper too.
The only way to be sure is to check all the above, but it depends whether you think it's worth the time surfing to save yourself a few quid in booking/postage fees.
Good luck, Jane

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Tin, www.wayahead.com, who seem to have turned into www.seetickets.com were always OK.

Actually Jane S is probably the best one to ask as she seems to go to several each day :)

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what is the best website for buying gig tickets?

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